BG05M9OP001-4.003 "Transnational partnerships"

Calls for Proposals in Evaluation

The procedure aims to contribute to the transfer and implementation of social innovation, good practices, partnership approaches to finding solutions of common problems, building specific partnership skills, etc. in the field of labour market, social inclusion, healthcare, equal opportunities and non-discrimination, work conditions and the building of administrative capacity in them.

The current procedure is part of the coordinated transnational call for proposals at European Union level. Cooperation with partners from all EU Member States is acceptable even if the Member State does not participate in this coordinated call. Transnational partners should receive funding from the European Social Fund in the respective Member State for their participation in the transnational project.

In order to support and promote transnational cooperation, a special Transnational Cooperation Platform within the ESF has been established, which will be a key tool for implementing transnational cooperation within the framework of the coordinated call. Candidates are required to register in the Platform where they will publish their project ideas, liaise with partner organizations and form partnerships to implement common transnational projects. To this end, the project partners will draft and sign a Transnational Partnership Agreement, which is also a functionality of the Platform.

A partner search forum is organized at the end of March 2018. More information can be found at

The procedure is implemented with the financial support of the European Social Fund, with a total budget of BGN 4 389 000. Applicants can receive a grant of between BGN 50 000 and BGN 200 000.

The complete set of Guidelines for Applicants (in Bulgarian) is available at the following internet addresses: and

The deadline for submitting the project proposals is 11.05.2018, 17:30 Bulgarian time.

The project proposals under this procedure are submitted only electronically with a qualified electronic signature using the EU Structural Instruments Management Information System (UMIS 2020) –