In pursuance of Decree № 18 of the Council of Ministers of 4.02.2003 on the creation of a Council for coordination in combating offenses affecting the financial interests of the European Communities (Promulgated in the State Gazette, Issue 13 of 11.02.2003, last amendment and supplement issue 57 of 24.06.2008) in the Managing Authority of the Operational Programme “Human Resource Development” an officer and a deputy of his are appointed to be responsible for combating fraud and irregularities. These officers will examine the irregularities alerts sent by you observed during the application and implementation of projects under the Operational programme.

You are hereby advised that any person is entitled to alert irregularities and fraud, arising in connection with the implementation of projects and programmes financed by funds of the European Union. The alerts may relate to technical, financial and administrative irregularities, irregularities associated with signed contracts for granting financial aid or with subcontracting, etc.
The circumstances stated in your alerts will be examined and in case their credibility is confirmed, adequate measures will be taken depending on the specific character of each case. A procedure for recording and reporting on each irregularity will start at the same time not revealing the identity of the sender of the alert.

Should you have information on irregularities, please follow these instructions:
1. In the form it is advisable to fill in the sender´s name and email for feedback;
2. Describe as fully as possible the irregularity noticed;
3. Click “Send”, then you will get a message on your email confirming that the information you sent has been obtained. After receiving confirmation you may state a telephone number (if you want) to use if necessary to clarify some of the information submitted by you. Even if you do not state a telephone number that will not affect the examination of the case, but the possibility of getting feedback will allow a more precise clarification of the circumstances;